Collin's Endowed Scholarship Fund

This year we celebrate Dr. Gary Collins, and his 50 years of dedicated service to our students at CBU, as well as our community. To honor this milestone in his career, we invite you to join us in establishing the Collins Endowed Scholarship fund. 


To celebrate fifty years in one institution is a noteworthy accomplishment, in any industry, but to have graduated from and to have worked at the same university all that time is extraordinary. Numerous generations have been inspired by Dr. Collins. His passion for, and dedication to Christ-centered education is truly a testament to his character and faith. 


The list of accomplishments during Dr. Collins' tenure is great. A couple key contributions include creating the first Master's degree programs at CBU (then CBC) in 1982, which was a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology, as well as the first Forensic Psychology program in 2007.

We want thank Dr. Collins for all he has done, and all he continues to do for our students, faculty and staff, that call CBU home. Join us, and make a difference in the lives of our future generations, by graciously contributing to the Collins Endowed Scholarship fund.


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