Michael Osadchuk

Michael Osadchuk, Director of the University Tutoring Center (LinkedIn)

Michael Osadchuk is the director of the University Tutoring Center. He has over a decade of experience working in student success and is passionate about working with students to help them meet their academic goals. Michael began his college studies by earning a B.A. in Philosophy from California Baptist University. He went on to Concordia University, Irvine and earned an M.A. in Theology, and is continuing his education by pursuing a Doctorate in Education at California Baptist University. He has made multiple presentations at national conferences on college tutoring and student success, including at Ruffalo Noel Levitz and the Association of Tutoring Professionals. Michael has focused his career in higher education on student development and, under his oversight, the University Tutoring Center has grown and implemented new tutoring modalities tailored to each discipline. He wants students to know that success is more than not failing. Success is each student having the resources to achieve their goals. 


UTC Center Staff 

Denise Benitez, UTC GA (LinkedIn)

Rachel Abelgas, HELSD Intern 


UTC Tutors 

Bradley David Campbell Chemistry
Carson A. Merrill Math, Statistics
Charles Everhart  Engineering 
Cory Grewohl  Engineering 
Grace Nellis  Chemistry 
Daniella Sternberg Physics 
Hayley Thrapp Math 
Hovag Apelian Engineering 
Jake Speyer Engineering 
Jenna Westbrook  Pyshology, Sociology 
Jennifer Nishimura Engineering 
Jeremy Clark Bharwani Engineering
Kathryn Olsen Biology, Chemistry, Math
Mikarah Johnsen Nursing
Naomi Brook  Academic Coaching 
Rochelle B. Haddad Communication Disorders (CDS)
Sarah Elizabeth Au Engineering
Seth Gil Engineering 
Spencer Thompson  Math 
Steven Phun Engineering
Victor Pistonetti Pre-nursing, Nursing