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Are you working on a Qualitative research project?

The table below compares various Qualitative Data Analysis Software (QDAS) programs.

All of the programs listed allow you to analyze text (or video) by placing chunks into “codes” which capture the main idea or thought. Then you can search for codes you have created, and can organize the codes in a hierarchy (for example, codes "I was happy" and "I was thrilled" can both be placed in a parent code called "elation").

QDAS program

Download or Web-based



Collaboration option?

Additional features



Additional $600 for “automatic” transcription

Additional $500


Download or web

$750 single educational user, or $20 a month

Allows you to import an .srt file generated by Zoom, Teams, etc.

Yes, if the extra users pay their monthly subscription.






Works with SimSat for statistical analysis

4.       Quirkos  cloud 


Web-based or download

$150 single educational user per year –




5.       MaxQDA standard 




Allows you to slow speech, rewind, transcribe


Mixed methods

Download as of 2020

$15/month per user 


Yes, if the extra users pay their monthly subscription.



$500 single educational use

Additional $100 for “automatic” transcription









$300 single educational user

$3 a minute