Teaching and Learning Resources

Basic Blackboard

How To Make Your Course Available to StudentsHow to Create Announcements in Your Course
Using the Text Editor (uploading your syllabus)
How to Create a Mashup (YouTube, VoiceThread, GoogleDocs or any other web-based content)
How to Send Email in Blackboard Learn
How to Edit Your Course Home Page 
Adding Content to a Course Module
How to Create a Journal
How to Create a Blog
How To Create and Manage Wikis
How to Create Discussion Board Forums
Automatically Adjust Dates in a Copied Course
Creating a Single Group
Creating a Group Set
Student Preview

Assessing Student in Blackboard 

How to Use SafeAssign 
How to Create a Rubric for Grading Student Work
How to Grade Using a Rubric
"New" Blackboard Quiz Generator (web resource)
How To Create a Test in Blackboard Learn
How to Create a Test Question
How to Create a Random Block of Test Questions
How to Build a Pool of Test Questions
How to Upload Test Questions from Microsoft Excel
How to Export and Import a Test or Survey
How to Set Test Options
Creating a Calculated Formula Question
Creating a Calculated Numeric Question
Creating a Fill in Multiple Blanks Question
Creating a Fill in the Blank Question
Creating an Essay Question
Creating a Jumbled Question
Creating a Matching Question

Grade Center

Needs Grading
How to Customize the Grade Center
How to Use Grade Details to See Attempts and Assign Grades
How to Grade Student Collaboration Inline
How to Download and Upload Grades from the Grade Center ( This option works for CRB submission to the registrar's office)
Color Code the Grade Center
How to Create a Smart View of Grade Center Data
Anonymous and Delegated Grading
Downloading Assignments

Additional Blackboard Resources

The Retention Center in Blackboard
How to Align Content to Goals
How to Run a Goals Report
Using Item Analysis in Blackboard Learn
Global Navigation and My Blackboard
How to Add a Tool Link to Your Course
How to Quickly Jump From One Blackboard Course to Another
How to Create and Manage Tasks
Using the Blackboard Calendar
How to Add a Glossary Term