Campus Life: Spring 2022 FAQs

  • How will new students be welcomed to CBU?

    Spring Welcome 2022 is scheduled to take place on Friday, January 14. The in-person events will provide a variety of valuable tools to help new students make the transition to life at CBU as smooth and successful as possible.

    Parents are encouraged to join the CBU Parents Association and take advantage of available resources, which include an interactive Parents Guide.

  • When can students move into spring housing?

    New Student Move-In is scheduled to take place from 9 AM - Noon on January 14. After getting settled into their new homes and visiting Univesity Offices to complete unfinished business, New Students are expected to attend a CBU 101 Welcome Session at 3 PM.

    Returning Student Move-In is schededued to take place from 9 am - 5 PM on January 14.

  • Who can help students move in?

    Immediate family members are welcome to assist students during move in.  

  • Will University Offices be open?

    Yes. CBU offices are open to provide in-person service during normal business hours.
  • How will Chapel be delivered? 

    Chapel will be online only until further notice. Videos will be made available according to the current Chapel schedule, and students will have one (1) week to watch the videos through asynchronous access. Chapel videos during the Spring 2022 Semester will be eight (8) to ten (10) minutes in duration and will primarily consist of a short devotional from Scripture. Students will be required to interact with the video presentation to ensure engagement.

      • The first Chapel of the semester will be available on Tuesday, January 18, 2022.
      • The requirement to pass Chapel has been temporarily decreased to a minimum of thirteen (13) credits for the semester. This adjustment is for the Spring 2022 Semester only. For details regarding chapel participation, please refer to section 35 of the Student Handbook.


    Specific instructions and information concerning Chapel will be sent to students via LancerMail.

  • Will the Counseling Center and Health Center be available to students?

    Yes. As part of CBU’s commitment to the health and well-being of our community, the Counseling Center and Health Center will be open to serve CBU students.

    Through the CBU Health Center, students will have access to in-person appointments and virtual health and well-being resources. Students are encouraged to contact the CBU Health Center at 951.552.5067 for more information.  

    For more information about the services available through the Counseling Center, including resources, videos and hours of operation, visit the Counseling Center website.

  • Will the CBU Recreation Center be open?

    Yes. The Recreation Center is scheduled to open for the Spring 2022 Semester on Tuesday, January 18. Students simply need to present a valid ID card and complete a liability waiver.

    In addition to offering fitness class and instruction, Outdoor Adventure gear will be available for rental via online reservation.

  • Does CBU have a Designated COVID-19 Point of Contact?

    Yes. Students, faculty, and staff experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms should immediately contact the Office of Student Care at or 951.552.8100.