Campus Dining: Spring 2022 FAQs


  • How will campus dining be offered?

    CBU and its food service operator, Provider Food Services, have implemented protocols and safety measures to promote a healthy dining experience on campus:

    1. Everyone entering a dining facility is required to wear a face covering except when eating or drinking.
    2. There will be more use of technology to reduce wait times and physical gathering.
    3. Contactless payment is available.
  • When will the Spring 2022 meal plan begin?

    The Spring 2022 meal plan will begin with lunch on Friday, January 7. Dining Hours and Locations are available online and via the CBU Dining app.

  • Will mobile ordering be available?

    Yes, mobile ordering is available with the CBU To-Go app.

    CBU To-Go app use instructions:

    1. Download the Transact Mobile Order app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
    2. Select California Baptist University and register for the CBU To-Go app with your LancerMail account.
    3. Select your favorite dining location and build your order.
    4. Checkout and pay with your CBU Card (Meal Swipes, Dining Dollars, LancerBucks) or a credit card.
    5. After you receive an in-app notification that your order is ready for "Pick-up", scan the QR code on your receipt to confirm your order has been picked up (see notes below).
    6. Enjoy your order.


    Important Notes: 

    • Due to franchise requirements, Chick-fil-A and Shake Smart orders require two QR code scans: one for "Check-In" and a second for "Pick-Up".
    • Wait times at Chick-fil-A and Shake Smart are calculated on the number of "Checked-In" orders, not the number of "submitted" orders.
  • Is seating available at dining locations?

    Yes, indoor dining is available. Tables and seating are also located throughout the campus.

  • What safety precautions are the food service staff taking?

    Provider Food Services staff has implemented a health and safety plan including but not limited to: employee COVID-19 training, daily wellness checks, wearing of face coverings and other protective gear, and frequent sanitization of high-contact surfaces.