Engagement Student Leadership and Immersion

ThoSLse desiring to serve as an Engagement Student Leader or on an Immersion Team are expected to participate in three opportunities to equip them to lead others and serve well overseas. These opportunities are year-long commitments that begin in early fall. Lack of participation in these opportunities will impact selection.


DISCIPLESHIP GROUP: These are small groups of 3 - 6 people that meet weekly for discipleship and accountability. Following the September 29 application deadline, you will be contacted to sign-up for a discipleship group with a Mobilization staff member. Fall semester will be a study of God's Heart for the Nations beginning the week of October 9. Discipleship groups with Mobilization staff will restart the second week of January with those who have been "selected" to serve as an Engagement Student Leader or on an Immersion team. The spring semester will focus on spiritual disciplines, leadership, encouragement, and accountability to be bold in our  witness and sharing of the gospel. (1 hour per week)



 TRIBE: Tribes are groups of  people  discovering God in a  community.  Tribes meet weekly  on campus. See  schedule on the right for meeting times.  There is no need to sign up for these  Tribes. All you need to do is show up. (1  hour per week)


CONVERSATION PARTNER: Learning to engage in conversation with people of other cultures and building cross-cultural relationships play an integral role in becoming a World Christian.   Conversation partner applications must be submitted by September 22. 
For an application or questions, e-mail cmott@calbaptist.edu

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