Faculty, Staff, and Alumni

Mobilization is not just about involving students in International Service Projects.  We are equally committed to challenging, nurturing, and involving CBU faculty and staff in global engagement and leadership.  Every follower of Christ is called to be intentionally and strategically engaged in the mission of Christ, both locally and globally.  Mobilization is committed to assisting faculty, staff, and alumni to fully embrace their calling in Christ.

Ways to be involved in 2017-18

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Discipling Communities - Please email the leader of the community that you are interested in to notify him/her that you will be attending. 

Click HERE for a schedule of available days and times.

How to Apply to Lead an Engagement Team or Global Leadership 101

To submit your application, two things are required:

  • A completed application
  • Three references

These can be done electronically through the new Software System. To expedite your submission, “resolve” your references first by entering names and e-mail addresses of your references.  The system will automatically send them out for you and you will see when they have been returned.  Then, complete your application.  You will need to submit three project preferences on your application.  To review the list of projects,  Click HERE.

Click HERE to begin your application

You will be prompted to create an account and then you will be prompted to register.  You will register "Just Me".

Click HERE to read about our expectations for Team Leaders

Click HERE to download the 2018 VP Approval form for all staff and faculty members

 If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to meet to discuss these opportunities further, please contact khorton@calbaptist.edu.