Support Raising

Students are strongly encouraged to allow others to partner with them by raising support for their service project. Mobilization provides students with training in support raising. 

Support Letters

Each student is required to send out a minimum of 50 letters requesting support before December 14, 2016. Do not wait. Submit letter for approval no later than December 8 at noon.

How to complete your support letter:

  1. Download the appropriate support letter template. 
    • ISP
    • SOS
      • Opening paragraph: Update to personalize. 
      • Second paragraph: Include your dates, secure location and task. 
      • Closing paragraph: Make it your own, include personal closing remarks. 
      • Update closing information at bottom, include a space for your signature and sign each of your letters. 
      • Be sure to include your email and phone number below your signature. 
  2. Send your completed support letter to for approval. (NOTE: Approvals are done via email only, no walk-ins.) 
  3. Once approved, take a copy of your letter to the CBU copy center for printing.
  4. Pick up response and mailing envelopes from the Spiritual Life office. 
  5. Write your name on the top left corner of your envelope, next to Mobilization.
  6. Address and stuff your envelopes. 
  7. Bring your envelopes to the Spiritual Life office, we will seal and mail them out for you! 


Team Fundraisers: Each team will participate in at least two team fundraisers during Spring Training. These fundraisers can be a lot of fun and promote team unity while raising money that gets split among the team members. 

Individual Fundraisers: The greatest potential for raising money (beside donations from family and friends) is personal fundraisers. This can be done through garage sales, car washes, providing services, making and selling items, giving music lessons, etc. Get creative!! 100% of proceeds from personal fundraisers go directly toward the individual's ISP account.

Check back to this site frequently for support-raising opportunities.