Academic Credit

Student’s participating on an Engagement or Immersion Team can receive 3 units of academic credit by registering and completing the requirements for CST491 – International Missions Practicum (Christian Studies GE requirement). 

Students participating in ISP a second time can register again for CST491 if you go to a different country than the first time, but can only get general education credit once. That is, the second time will be only elective credit.

Dr. Dan Wilson is the professor-of-record for CST491.  After you have been placed on a team, you will receive an e-mail from Dr. Wilson with instructions on how to register for this class. The e-mail will come from  Inquiries should be made to the e-mail address as well.

Because training is in the spring and the trip is in the summer, you can register either in the spring semester or summer term. The course can fit within the 13-18 unit tuition window in the spring; units over 18 are billed at the per-unit rate. The per-unit rate for summer tuition is less. Consider this carefully since you have to pay tuition to receive academic credit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: CST491 Does NOT meet the requirement for ICS431. Contact Jeff Lewis ( about how and when you will meet this requirement for your ICS major or Global Studies minor/concentration. An ISP trip may meet your requirement, but you shouldn't assume that yours does. To register for ICS431, you will need approval from Jeff Lewis, who will contact the Dean about your authorization.