Welcome to Mobilization

CBU is committed to fulfilling Jesus' mandate in the Great Commission "to go and make disciples of all nations." To this end, CBU believes that God bestows upon every student gifts and passions to accomplish their purpose. Thus, the Office of Mobilization strives to create opportunities that match these gifts and passions to serve God both domestically and abroad through International Service Projects (ISP) and Summer of Service (SOS).

Practically speaking, matching ministry opportunities with gifts and passions means that graphic design faculty lead design teams to New York City; nursing faculty lead nursing students to operate clinics in the rural villages of South Asia; music faculty lead music students to perform in various public venues in Japan; and behavioral science students do ethnography in a village in the Middle East.

The Office of Mobilization refers to this as the hybrid model of "academics on missions." CBU is a leader in utilizing this approach with more students on short-term service-learning projects than any other university in the country.

Research shows that community and responsibility are the top two concerns that our students have. In this regard, several facets of CBU's service projects set it apart from other universities. CBU provides extensive ministry and cross-cultural training for students serving in the US and overseas. Our faculty and staff leaders seek to connect with and invest in students to challenge them to take their next step in engaging the world. We are not just a "sending" program; we are a discipleship program with a goal of investing in lives to develop followers of Jesus.

More information about each specific program can be found below or you can check our FAQ page for details about how you can be a part of the Office of Mobilization's pursuit of fulfilling the Great Commission.

International Service Projects

Length of Service: 3 weeks
Location: Overseas (see the team preview page for specific tasks and locations)
Cost: $3,500

Summer of Service

Length of Service: 8 weeks
Location: Overseas (see the team preview page for specific tasks and locations)
Cost: $4,500