Discipleship Ministries

Discipleship Ministries desires to show students how to live out the Great Commission. Our goal is to make disciples who will make disciples of all the nations. That is why we seek to invest and train people and not just teach. Take advantage of opportunities to grow in your relationship with Christ through weekly Tribe meetings (small groups), once a month Challenge Nights, and life on life mentoring.


A Tribe is a group of 20–60 people meeting weekly to discover God together in missional communities. Groups meet all over campus, normally in someone’s apartment or a common living area. They read the Bible together, one passage at a time, until they’ve read most of a book of the Bible in a semester. Students ask questions and talk about how the biblical passage can be applied to their everyday lives. In Tribe, relationships develop through food, life stories, deep questions and spiritual conversations.

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Challenge Nights

Challenge Night is our large monthly gathering of Tribes to celebrate what God is doing. It includes testimonies from different students, worship through music and teachings to inspire people to follow Jesus. The purpose of Challenge Night is to connect people to a Tribe. At Challenge Night, students who are “just checking things out” on campus can mix in with students who are involved with a Tribe. You may be able to come in, sit down, interact with a few people and leave, but we encourage those who come to Challenge Night to get connected to a weekly Tribe!

Discipleship Groups

Discipleship groups are self-formed small groups of 3–6 people who meet specifically to challenge and encourage each other in the areas of accountability and prayer. They start organically within Tribes and Challenge Nights. If you want to be a part of one of these groups, seek out a few people to start one.

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Brian Zunigha 
Director of Discipleship Ministries

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