Rebekah Miller, '13 B.S. Kinesiology

From the basics of anatomy and physiology to my capstone class piecing together every major topic in kinesiology, I have been blessed with a practical and applicable education by my professors in CBU's Kinesiology and Health Science departments. They have supplied me with resources and networking opportunities to pursue internships, field work experiences, graduate school, and future careers.

CBU's Kinesiology program incorporated the spiritual component of health which few universities. As an athlete, I value the information I absorbed through my course of study and have a better understanding of how the body functions under stress and exercise and how to be as efficient as possible.

I have grown in many ways as I worked through the program. In the beginning, I relied heavily on my professors to teach me exactly what I needed to know and held them responsible for my education. After a couple semesters, however, I took the responsibility on myself to do more in-depth study in areas of interest or confusion, and approach them with questions or ideas for further thought.

Now I am applying for graduate schools for my master's degree in Health Promotion and Education. During my time at CBU, I pursued many internships and relevant work experiences including personal fitness trainer position, Certified Nurse Assistant, Arthritis Foundation intern, teacher assistant and research assistant. Being proactive in the early years of my undergraduate education is paying off as I have the desirable experiences for acceptance into graduate schools.