Graduate Program Career Opportunities

Exceptional Educators Wanted

In addition to teaching, the Master of Science in Education at California Baptist University (CBU) opens an array of rewarding career opportunities in the increasingly diversified and specialized field of education. With a wide range of specializations, the M.S. degree in Education allows students the opportunity to explore, identify and reach their professional goals.

Faith-Based Educators

CBU's M.S. in Education offers a unique specialization in Educational Leadership for Faith-Based Institutions. This program prepares graduates to assume leadership roles establishing, building, and directing educational programs in a range of religious and faith-based settings around the world.

Public School Administrators

Various trends in California's public education system are causing a spike in the demand for skilled, visionary administrators. This program offers an efficient route into a career in public education administration.


A graduate degree in education from CBU enhances the knowledge, proficiency, value and competitive skills of teaching professionals seeking career mobility. Coupled with an education credential, a master's  degree in education can open wider career opportunities as well as increased salary and retirement benefits.

Beginning Teachers in Induction Programs

The Teaching and Learning with Induction program specialization explicitly connects theory and classroom practice through project-based learning. Beginning teachers may use induction activities to meet some course requirements for this master's degree.

Director of Educational Technology

As computers and technology play an increasing central role in the learning experience, the demand for educators with specialized knowledge in this area continues to grow. CBU's M.S. in Education with specializations in Instructional Computer Applications and Educational Technology prepare graduates to establish, implement and direct technology-integration initiatives within the curriculum and classroom.

Reading  Specialists

Within the public education system, demand remains high for reading specialists with the skills and training to develop and implement reading strategies in research-based intervention programs for individuals and groups. CBU's M.S. in Education with a specialization in Reading and the Reading Certificate program qualifies graduates as school site reading specialists sought after by school districts.

Education Specialists in Special Education

Demand for skilled special education teachers is growing throughout California's public education system — creating a significant need and opportunity for those interested in a career in special education instruction. The M.S. in Education with specializations in Mild/Moderate and Moderate/Severe Disabilities prepares professionals to meet this demand. The dual credential option allows candidates to earn the Specialist credential in Mild/Moderate Disabilities and the Preliminary Multiple Subject Credential simultaneously.

School Counselor

Burgeoning classroom sizes, increasingly complex diversity issues, and changing legislative standards combine to drive the need for qualified school counselors. The professional school counselor plays an increasingly important role in today's educational environments. The M.S. in Education with a specialization in School Counseling, coupled with the Pupil Personnel Service credential, prepares students to serve as leaders in this high-demand profession.

School Psychologist

Professional school psychologists play a vital role in helping students, parents and school personnel optimize student education. Working in school districts, school psychologists are in increasingly high demand. The M.S. in Education with a specialization in School Psychology, coupled with the Pupil Personnel Service credential, offers professionals the opportunity to take an active role in student service teams in the schools.

To learn more about the many rewarding professional opportunities that come with the M.S. in Education, please attend an upcoming Graduate Program Information Session.