Honors Program

The CBU Honors Program is a community of thinkers who research, debate, and discuss the fundamental questions of life. Students in the Honors Program replace some of their required general education courses with more advanced seminars that explore the intersections of faith, history, science, philosophy, literature, society, and culture.

In the Honors Program we actively seek both wisdom and virtue. We seek wisdom by pursuing academic excellence. We seek virtue by focusing on the practical application of our academic study. In the Honors Program the courses a student takes are designed to not just convey information, but to disciple the whole person. We are committed to the truth that all wisdom, and all virtue, ultimately come from our creator, and are embodied in the person of Christ.

We invite qualified students from all majors to apply and join our family of thinkers as we pursue wisdom and virtue in community.

Characteristics of the Honors Program

The Honors Program is neither a major nor a minor. It is an alternate, focused, and integrated path to completing GE requirements at an advanced level. The center of the program is a series of honors seminar courses. These seminars, and the Honors Program as a whole, are interdisciplinary, transformative, and synergistic.

Interdisciplinary: Each seminar addresses its topic from multiple disciplines. This approach helps students develop different ways to solve problems, and to see how various fields of study interconnect.

Transformative: The content of the Honors Program is academically rigorous, not for the purpose of being challenging, but for the purpose of forming and shaping students. It is not merely enough to know the truth; we must be transformed by the truth.

Synergistic: Honors seminars are discussion-driven. This format allows students to form stronger beliefs, and more refined ideas, as they dialogue with each other and with their professor. An idea formed in dialogue is stronger than one formed in isolation.


A student can seek admission to the CBU Honors Program during either semester of the freshman year or the first semester of the sophomore year by filing an application with the director of the Honors Program.

Admission to the program requires an application separate from regular CBU admission.

The Honors Program admission committee will review the student's overall academic record for predictors of success in this intensive seminar series. The applicant must also provide a writing sample through an admissions essay.


Admission to the Honors Program requires a separate application after having been admitted to CBU. Admission to the Honors Program is generally restricted to students with high school GPAs of at least 3.5, but promising students with a GPA of at least 3.0 will be considered as well.

For four-year students, satisfactory completion of the Honors Program requires completing 18 units of seminars (8 of those units at the upper division level) while maintaining an overall academic GPA of at least 3.5. Transfer students coming to CBU with 60 or more semester units of college credit need only complete 14 units of Honors Program seminars (8 of those units at the upper division level), with at least a 3.5 overall GPA.

Students who satisfactorily complete the Honors Program are entitled to claim this distinction on their résumés. Their achievement will be recorded on their official CBU transcript and diploma and will be acknowledged in the commencement program and ceremony.


Take a few moments and think about the following two questions. No need to do any research, or to cite any sources, but present your your own thoughts on the matter clearly, completely, and concisely. You should answer each question in 500-800 words.