About Us

What a privilege it is to be a part of what God is doing in and through CBU! He is using CBU to help people live out their purpose—to glorify God by loving Him and loving people.

The mission of CBU's School of Christian Ministries is to train a new generation of Christian leaders who will actively serve Christ and His church. This means that we enthusiastically teach students who will become pastors, missionaries and ministers as well as students who want to apply the Christian worldview to other disciplines. We offer a variety of academic programs to accommodate such varied interests and goals. Some programs are designed specifically for those who plan to enter vocational ministry. Others are designed for students who work toward other majors. Many CBU students who select other majors still choose to double major or minor in one of our programs, taking advantage of the opportunity to grow in their insight into the Bible and Christian worldview, as well as their ability to serve the church and the world.

The professors of the School of Christian Ministries live out this purpose and help students do the same. God has blessed us with quite a team—all are experts in their field and evangelical in their theology, grounded in biblical truth and committed to the historic tenets of the Christian faith. In addition, these men and women faithfully live out the realities of following Christ, lovingly invest time in students, and actively serve Christ's church. They are people students can aspire to learn from—academically, socially and spiritually. They are people who exude Christ in their teaching and in their very lives. Please let us know how we can assist you as you live out your purpose.

– Dr. Chris Morgan, Dean