Housing Philosophy

Housing Philosophy

Residence Life at California Baptist University exists for one reason:

To model and expose Jesus Christ to students.

Our goal is to be intentional; be personally involved, and to promote the success, both academically and personally, of every student. That's why our website has that "personal feel" to it - we want you to feel like you know us even before you arrive on campus.

We seek to assist students in developing an appreciation for the UNIQUENESS of each created individual.

A living-learning environment such as a residence hall offers tremendous opportunities for growth, as well as a few new challenges. Perhaps college will be the first time you've ever had a roommate. Or the first time you've experienced a different culture. Whatever the case, each residence life staff member completes a rigorous selection and training process specifically designed to help you overcome any challenge you face, and to see you grow as a person uniquely created by God.

We seek to help students discover and strengthen important life-skills.

Each person seeks to become a better something. A better communicator. A better citizen. A better Christian. That's why people go to college. As a resident, you have a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a situation specifically designed to help you study, grow and learn in a safe environment. Our role is to help each resident discover the strengths that were created in them, and to cultivate growth in each area. Sometimes it's through counseling a student through a deeply personal issue or guiding them through a particularly difficult trial. Or maybe it's just helping them learn how to sort their "lights" and the "darks." Whatever the situation, it's our privilege to be a part.

We seek to promote ACADEMIC SUCCESS.

Let's face it - you're in college to get your degree. No bones about it! You're investment now will reap rewards far beyond the four (and sometimes five) years it takes to earn a degree! Our job is to help promote your academic success through the facilitation of study groups and the promotion of an environment conducive to study. Just don't ask us to write a paper for you!

We're here to help you reach your own goals.

What do you want to accomplish?
What goals do you have for your time here?
When you shake Dr. Ellis' hand at the top of the platform on graduation day, what do you hope to see? Picture it in your mind. Now share it with us so we can help you accomplish it!