QLess Mobile App

QLess allows you to join a virtual line for your student questions. Download the QLess app, join a virtual line and wait for assistance from a CBU campus officefrom anywhere. QLess supports social distancing so students can feel safe and have more flexibility while waiting to be served. We look forward to seeing you on QLess!

•••Currently, this app is only available for CBU Student Accounts questions. Students can use QLess to join a virtual line, then be notified when they are able to be served (and ask their questions) in-person at the Student Accounts office.  

Check back soon as other CBU student services will be added in the near future.

QLess is available for free at the Apple App Store and Google Play:


Android Download
IOS Download


How it works:


QLess 1
QLess 2
QLess 3
QLess 4



Manage your spot in line with text commands:


  • – request more time
  • L – leave the line
  • H – help
  • C – cancel your appointment (if you have booked an appointment time using FlexAppointments) ***This feature is currently unavailable. 
  • N# – notify me X number of minutes before I reach the front of the line