Rigorous balance between theory and application are maintained as candidates have differentiated curriculum according to their interests and selected concentrations. There are four concentrations to choose from:


A business concentration equips candidates to leverage a sophisticated level of financial and strategic decision-making to advance in organizational and entrepreneurial leadership and to serve as big-picture executive officers.

Business Concentration Courses

Christian Ministry

A Christian ministry concentration enables candidates to gain advanced insights to the role of the global church and to become thought leaders in their faith-based communities.

Christian Ministry Concentration Courses


An education concentration allows candidates to study nuanced perspectives on international educational policies and practices to create engaged learning communities for children, youth and adults. Candidates will be prepared to serve as innovative school principals or college/university administrators.

Education Concentration Courses

Health Science

A concentration in health science provides a broad perspective and the opportunity for more defined inquiry on the industry that comprises approximately 18% of the United States gross domestic product. Students will learn to apply leadership theory as a lens to view contemporary issues in healthcare and challenges in the public and private sectors. Students will develop the skills used in facilitating personal and corporate behavior change leading to quality improvement in health policy, care delivery and health risk management.

Health Science Concentration Courses