Core Requirements

PAS501 Human Anatomy and Physiology I

PAS502 Human Anatomy and Physiology II

PAS503 Research Methodology I

PAS504 Research Methodology II

PAS505 Health Care Ethics

PAS506 Medical Microbiology

PAS507 Clinical Laboratory Science

PAS508 Professional Practice and Policy I

PAS509 Professional Practice and Policy II

PAS510 History and Physical Examination I

PAS511 History and Physical Examination II

PAS512 History and Physical Examination III

PAS513 Pathophysiology of Disease I

PAS514 Pathophysiology of Disease II

PAS520 Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics I

PAS521 Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics II

PAS522 Medical Genetics

PAS523 Health Promotion, Disease Prevention and Epidemiology

PAS524 Behavioral Medicine

PAS525 Clinical Skills and Procedures I

PAS526 Clinical Skills and Procedures II

PAS530 Clinical Medicine I

PAS531 Clinical Medicine II

PAS532 Clinical Medicine III

PAS533 Clinical Medicine IV

PAS534 Women's Health

PAS535 Global Health Engagement

Clinical Courses

PAS601 Family Medicine Clerkship

PAS602 Internal Medicine Clerkship

PAS603 Emergency Medicine Clerkship

PAS604 General Surgery Clerkship

PAS605 Adolescent and Pediatric Medicine Clerkship

PAS606 Behavioral Medicine Clerkship

PAS607 Women's Health Clerkship

PAS608 Urgent Care Clerkship

PAS609 Elective Clerkship