Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Today’s world demands high connectivity, efficiency in energy usage and advanced automation. A Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering offers graduates opportunities to join a large firm revolutionizing American infrastructure or become an entrepreneur offering creative new solutions, both here and abroad.

In cooperation with industrial advisors, CBU has identified radio-frequency engineering, robotics, and power generation and transmission as vital areas in electrical and computer engineering. The M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering offers technical specialty courses in these three areas, preparing students to become leaders in these in-demand fields.


Program Length
2 Years
Program Cost
$27,489 + fees


Why our program?

The faculty of the College of Engineering have a unique combination of high academic qualifications and extensive practical experience. Courses are taught by instructors with expert knowledge in the field, skill at applying that knowledge and a real concern for students’ learning and development. 

Students are able to work on a project or thesis of their choice that fits within their personal research interests.

Students can complete this degree in as little as 16 months if optional summer courses are taken. The program accommodates working professionals, and students can complete the program at their own pace.