Career Opportunities

Licensed to Succeed

The MS in Counseling Psychology Degree at California Baptist University prepares students to become licensed therapists trained to treat children, adolescents, adults, couples and families in a variety of settings. Many MFTs specialize in working with a certain population, such as the elderly, or with those who have a specific issue, such as anxiety or eating disorders. An advanced degree from CBU, coupled with the MFT license from the state of California, opens a diverse and dynamic range of professional opportunities.

Public Sector

Employment opportunities for licensed therapists are available in community clinics, residential treatment centers, prisons, social services agencies, county mental health agencies, probation agencies, even the armed forces. Educational institutions (public and private) often contract with agencies or refer individuals and families to private practitioners for counseling and therapy. Health care organizations, hospitals, and hospice care agencies all require the services of licensed therapists.

Religious and Nonprofit Organizations

Many MFTs choose to work at non-profit agencies or faith-based organizations providing services to those in need. Public and private non-profit programs involved in disaster relief, youth advocacy or child welfare are a few examples of the opportunities for service. There is also a growing demand for licensed Christian therapists to serve in church counseling centers.

Private Practice

Licensed MFTs have the option of working in private practice.

Private Industry

There's a growing demand for therapists within the private sector. Increasing numbers of corporations employ the services of licensed therapists to assist with employee relational issues, and to manage human resources.

Colleges and Universities

The advanced MS degree from CBU qualifies students to teach as adjunct or full-time college faculty. In addition, colleges and universities employ MFTs in their counseling centers.

Doctoral Degree

The CBU MS in Counseling Psychology Degree meets the admission requirements for most Psy.D. programs in Clinical Psychology.

To learn more about the many rewarding professional opportunities that come with the MS in Counseling Psychology Degree, please attend an upcoming Information Session.