Master of Music

God has gifted you with an ability to communicate through music. As one of the region’s most recognized music programs, CBU’s Master of Music (MM) degree is designed to help you live your purpose in performance, conducting and music education.

California Baptist University’s Master of Music (MM) program balances music theory with application, to equip individuals with the skills, experience and confidence to achieve professional excellence.

California Baptist University’s Master of Music program extends the learning experience beyond the classroom, allowing students to put music theory into practice. Professors challenge students in a wide range of settings including live performances, conducting seminars, reading sessions and master classes. CBU’s rigorous programs prepare aspiring performers to reach their professional goals.

Program Length
2 Years
Program Cost
Program Accreditations

Why our program?

CBU’s School of Music offers four Master of Music concentrations: Conducting, Music Education, Performance and Music Composition.

Students in the Conducting concentration benefit from a unique conducting style that energizes performers, enlivens music and captivates audiences. CBU’s conducting students look forward to increasing their knowledge through advanced coursework in conducting, orchestration and vocal techniques.

Music Composition students are engaged in advanced arranging and composition and explore techniques used by composers to create music for motion pictures.

The Performance concentration equips vocalists and musicians with the skills, experience and confidence required to perform at the professional level, continue on to doctoral studies or to teach private lessons.

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