Master of Arts in Worship Arts

God gives a passion of worship to glorify His name. As one of the region’s most recognized music programs, CBU’s Master of Arts in Worship Arts degree is designed to help worship leaders develop their gifting to better serve their congregation in corporate worship.

The M.A. in Worship Arts degree focuses on three areas: theology, worship leadership and music. Many worship leaders today have to create the hymnbook for their local congregation. They need to know what Scripture says and how to rightly apply it to the worship gathering. As such, they need theological training to develop worship resources, plan meaningful worship experiences and lead others, on and off the platform. In this master’s program, students’ musical expertise and skills will increase along with their knowledge of current and emerging worship technologies.

Program Length
1 Year
Program Cost
$18,000 + fees

Why our program?

This degree can be completed in one year in our unique hybrid format. Students will be in residency at CBU for a total of four weeks during the program, missing only one Sunday.

Residencies are a unique opportunity to learn and study with worship experts in an immersive experience. Students will develop a deeper understanding and mastery of worship, leadership and theology, and graduate from this program renewed and transformed by the experience. Each residency is constructed within an ancient framework of ministerial training, immersing students fully into worship studies—mind, heart and body.

The program’s three-part approach means courses on theology will prepare students to better understand and apply the Bible; courses on music will give students the practice they need to perfect their musical abilities; while courses on leadership will train students on how to better serve their congregations.