Student Testimonials

Juan Perez

Director of Transportation and Land Management, Riverside County

The Leadership and Organizational Studies program was a powerful experience for me. I must admit that I went into it with some skepticism as to what I could learn, after over 20 years of experience in supervision and management. Well, the answer was …. a whole lot. Being exposed to the theories and research behind leadership and organizational dynamics has expanded the tools in my management toolbox. This program progresses beyond the theory to translate that knowledge into real-world practice, and folds that in with considerations of ethics, dealing with complexity in organizations, building social capital in the communities that we serve, and expanding our communication skills. It has made me more well-rounded as a person and as a manager, and I believe that it's helping me to be a better leader moving forward.

William Stamper

Deputy Chief of Operations for Riverside Fire Department

Without exaggeration, rarely does a day go by where I haven't brought my recent studies into active play. Social capital, complexity, community, networks, open

Susan von Zabern

Director of Public Social Services, Riverside County

The Leadership and Organizational Studies program is rich in content and a rewarding learning experience, especially the opportunity to learn with colleagues. The journey through the different courses allows you to gain an appreciation for the diversity of leadership studies and its significance in the workplace. There are a lot of tools to add to your leadership tool chest and many opportunities to apply these skills at work, at home or in any setting where you have a leadership role.

Kecia Harper-Ihem

Clerk of the Board, County of Riverside

The leadership degree program through CBU is life changing no matter how long you've been leading. It provides new information, confirmation of the good, bad, and the ugly when leading, but leaves you with a renewed hope that you can make a difference. You'll make new friends, create new relationships, and you will be taken to the next level.

Eliza Echevarria

Community Relations Manager, Riverside County Transportation Commission

The Leadership and Organizational Studies Master's Program at CBU was a tremendous journey of unanticipated professional and personal growth. Truly a life changing experience!