All students in the Master of Arts in Leadership and Organizational Studies will complete 30 units. 

EDU502 Professional Interpersonal Comm

The course provides students an opportunity to develop the requisite knowledge and skills to deal effectively with difficult interpersonal situations that emerge in the education profession. Students will develop resources to be proactive in establishing appropriate personal and professional boundaries, identifying problems and framing creative solutions, and managing conflict. (2-3 units)

Baker, Robert C.
05/06/2019 W 7:40 PM - 9:40 PM Yeager Center ONLN

LDR502 TheoriesAndFndtns in Ldrshp Stds

This course evaluates the primary theories and cross-cultural perspectives on leadership and the respective implications and applications in developing a holistic and international model for leadership. Students will develop a comprehensive philosophy of leadership which also evaluates their assumptions about the nature and knowledge of truth, God, humanity, good and evil, and society and their respective implications for leadership in a global society. Students will also develop a leadership improvement plan that examines their leadership strengths and challenges. Students will evaluate established classics in the leadership genre and various case-studies on leadership. (3 units)

Shoup, John R.
09/03/2019 W 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM Yeager Center ONLN

LDR521 Orgnztnl and Institutnl Theories

This course evaluates leadership in context of organizational and instructional environments. Students will develop an in depth understanding of organizational and institutional theory and practices recognizing the unique contribution of both fields in understanding formal and informal structures and rationale and irrational processes in any collective activity. Students will be equipped with multiple perspectives to strategically frame and leverage organizational and institutional policies and practices to promote ethical and desired outcomes. Prerequisite: LDR 501 or 502. (3 units)

LDR531 Group Dynamics and Staff Dvlpmnt

The course examines a variety of models and methods to foster collaborative learning communities and work environments and promote professional development. Students will study group processes, communication, cooperation, conflict management, negotiations, and social facilitation as means to create cultures of trust and high performing. (3 units)

LDR541 Knwldg Mgmt and Decision Making

This course evaluates theories on the nature of knowledge, knowledge management and decision making. Students will evaluate common reasoning fallacies and biases that make for flawed decisions and develop more robust and creative decision making strategies and processes that meet the needs of the situation. Student will develop a comprehensive rubric of principles that allows for effective management of knowledge and decision making. (3 units)

Shoup, John R.
05/06/2019 W 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM Yeager Center ONLN

LDR550 Ldrshp Ethics, Virtues, Practcs

This course evaluates various ethical frameworks and worldviews with an emphasis on the Christian worldview in order to promote ethical and virtuous leaders. Students will establish principles for practicing ethical judgments and habits for virtuous and ethical leadership practices. Students will develop a personal heuristic for developing virtues and making ethical decisions that address ethical and moral dilemmas and choices that confront those in leadership positions. Prerequisite: LDR 521. (3 units)

09/03/2019 W 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM Yeager Center ONLN

LDR560 Leading and Managing Complexity

This course evaluates systems and complexity theories and their respective implications for leadership. Students will explore the rules and patterns that govern all nonlinear and dynamic systems. Students will develop strategies and skills to successfully lead institutions and manage the complexity and chaos associated with leadership in complex environments. Prerequisite: LDR 521. (3 units)

LDR561 Leadership Tactics

The course equips students to successfully lead at the tactical level around issues associated with community college administration. Topics include, but are not limited to, managing CTE funding, legislation and regulations, union relations, projects, correspondences, and meetings. (3 units)

LDR570 Social Capital

This course examines the relationship between social capital and specific types of political and economic behavior from a comparative (local, regional, and global) perspective. More specifically, the course examines the impact of social capital on important policy outcomes, such as democracy building, economic development, and governmental performance. (3 units)

09/03/2019 W 7:40 PM - 9:40 PM Yeager Center ONLN

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LDR589 Internship

Under the supervision of a faculty member and representative from the sponsoring organization, students will utilize the internship to develop and demonstrate the principles and skills introduced in the leadership studies course. Prerequisite: Declared Leadership and Organizational Studies specialization. (3 units)

LDR590 Advncd Stdies in Leadrshp Prctc

Students will engage in readings designed to advance their understanding of critical leadership perspectives and practices and complete a project that synthesizes learning from previous coursework in leadership studies and their formal leadership experiences. (3 units; As offered)