Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology

CBU’s MA in Forensic Psychology program prepares students with the principles and practical applications of forensic psychology, biblical understanding of criminal psychology, and the applications of psychology and law.

The program balances theory, research and practice designed to advance student knowledge and skills needed for professional development and career advancement.

Forensic Psychology classes are scheduled to allow working professionals the opportunity to pursue their educational and career advancement. Classes focus on the theories of criminal behavior, psychopathology and criminality, the integration of law and psychology, and the biological, social and developmental basis of behavior in order to develop accurate criminal profiles.

Program Length
2 Years
Program Cost

Why our program?

One of the few programs of its kind in the country, the Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology from CBU prepares professionals qualified to offer critical psychological services to the criminal justice system. The program provides students with an advanced and comprehensive understanding of human development, the biological nature of crime, psychopathology, psychology and law, and criminal profiling.

Graduates come away with the interdisciplinary knowledge to shape laws and policies that reflect human behavior. Students also develop an understanding of research methodology and its application to forensic psychology.

In the second year of study, students are involved in field experience and on-site supervision in a forensic setting. This may include working an FBI internship, with U.S. Marshalls, victim advocacy, trial advocacy, trial consultant firms, conflict resolution and mediation, rape crisis centers, probation, or parole.

  • Welcome from the Director

    Greetings future Forensic Psychologists!

    Whether you are interested in profiling, police psychology, or just like studying human behavior gone awry, I believe you will find what you are looking for at California Baptist University.

    CBU's Graduate Program in Forensic Psychology encompasses a psychosocial and biblical understanding of psychopathology, law and psychology, and police psychology.

    The program in forensic psychology is designed to educate clinicians to provide psychological services to the criminal justice system. The program is designed for students whose primary interest and intention is working or studying in areas which intersect with the criminal justice system.

    Classes focus on the theories, evaluation, adjudication and potential treatment of adult and juvenile offenders. In addition, the program addresses the rights and treatment of victims of crime.

    Completion of the degree program provides students with an advanced and comprehensive understanding of human development, the biological nature of crime, psychopathology, criminal profiling and the research methods utilized in the field of forensic psychology.

    The course of study is also designed to provide the student with an overview of the practice of forensic psychology; to understand the important issues in the field, to explore the critical relationship between the legal system and clinical psychology, and to better understand the relationship and application of psychological theories and practice to the field of law enforcement.

    M.A. Forensic Psy. Course Requirements

    FPY Course Rotations

    An abbreviated, complementary version of this program can also be completed as a concentration within the Counseling Psychology degree. This concentration will prepare graduates to function as effective clinicians in a variety of professional counseling and forensic settings. Graduates of the certificated concentration will have developed the skills, knowledge and experience to provide ethical and effective evaluation and therapeutic services in a variety of forensic settings. The program establishes an excellent balance between traditional counseling, theory and skills and a specialized understanding of the legal and judicial system. For more information on the Forensic Psychology certificated concentration and its curriculum, click here: About the Program

    Thank you for your interest in CBU's Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology program. Please feel free to e-mail or call me with any questions you may have.

    Jenny Aguilar, Psy.D.
    Director, Graduate Program in Forensic Psychology
    Assistant Professor of Psychology