Career Opportunities

The Master of Arts in English at California Baptist University prepares students to advance professionally and academically as literary scholars and/or teachers. The degree offers two concentrations to meet our students' professional and academic goals. The Literature Concentration is a terminal degree that also academically prepares students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. The Pedagogy Concentration allows students the opportunity to earn their teaching credentials while earning their MA.

  • Teaching - Secondary Education: Many current full-time secondary education teachers complete an MA in English as a means of advancing their teaching proficiency as well as their teaching careers. An MA in English is often accompanied by an increase in salary.
  • Teaching - Higher Education: The MA in English qualifies graduates to teach at the college level, in an adjunct or full-time capacity.
  • Academia: CBU's MA in English provides a solid academic foundation for graduates who enter the areas of research and scholarship in the field and who choose to pursue a doctoral degree.
  • Professional Careers: The MA in English prepares graduates with the critical thinking and composition skills that translate into a range of editing, journalistic, professional and creative writing endeavors.

To learn more about the many rewarding career and academic opportunities that come with the MA in English, please attend an upcoming Graduate Program Information Session.