About The Program

Learning in Pursuit of Excellence

One of the region's only programs of its kind offered by a Christian university, the Master of Arts in English from California Baptist University (CBU) is uniquely designed for scholars and teachers seeking professional and academic excellence. CBU's MA in English offers three concentrations: Literature for students interested in expanding their scholarship, English Pedagogy for secondary education teachers who wish to enhance their value in the classroom and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages for those who are interested in working with a multilingual, multicultural or international population at home or abroad. Whether looking to advance your knowledge, your degree, your career, or all three, you'll find CBU's MA in English an intellectually stimulating program designed to help you reach your goals.

Your Academic Journey

The Literature Concentration provides candidates the opportunity to take their scholarship as far as they choose. A terminal degree program recognized by academia and educational institutions alike, the MA also fully prepares students for the rigorous studies of doctoral programs. Whether or not you choose to pursue a Ph.D. in a specialized field of literature, CBU's MA in English program allows you the opportunity to determine the direction of your academic path.

Where Exceptional Teachers Come to Learn

CBU's MA in English provides current and future teachers the unique opportunity to earn an advanced degree while working on a teaching credential. Students who choose the English Pedagogy concentration may apply courses from a teaching credential toward the requirements for their MA in English degree. With early evening classes, the MA in English also caters to the schedules of working teachers.

An Interdisciplinary Exploration of Literature

CBU's MA in English encompasses a diverse curriculum reflecting the program's highly interdisciplinary approach to teaching and exploring literature. Students develop a thorough understanding of the literary canon, while also gaining exposure to works outside the mainstream. Courses cross cultures and mediums to include world and multicultural literature, film studies, rhetoric and composition, and traditional British and American literature — broadening students' perspectives while also illuminating interconnections. With an emphasis on critical theory, graduate English courses also develop critical thinking skills. As an MA graduate, you'll come away with a deeper appreciation of the world's literature, as well as a deeper understanding of its relevance.

Integrating Faith and Learning

CBU's MA in English is unique in its examination of spiritual perspectives on literature and learning. Integrating the University's Christian mission into the classroom, courses explore the ethical implications of literature and the moral values great works express and shape. Rigorous in nature, the program encourages a strong ethical approach to achieving academic excellence in the classroom and beyond.

Collaborators in Academic Excellence

A small collegial graduate program, CBU's MA in English invites collaboration among students and the professors who mentor them. Small classes provide a collective learning experience in which discussion and dialogue are encouraged, ideas are challenged, and every individual has a voice. Because of the program's excellent student-to-faculty ratio, MA candidates receive personalized attention from accomplished instructors, in and outside the classroom. Representing scholars and experts in a broad range of literary fields, professors are accessible and dedicated to your success.

Take the Next Step

To learn more about the MA in English program you may contact the program director, Dr. Laura Veltman at lveltman@calbaptist.edu. For information about admission requirements and the application process please contact Graduate Admissions at 951.343.4249 or graduateadmissions@calbaptist.edu. If you're ready to advance your knowledge, skills and career start by applying online. We look forward to helping you reach your professional and personal goals.

  • Student Learning Outcomes
    1. Program graduates will be able to purposefully articulate a personal worldview about, as well as a sense of the wonder and importance of, language and literature in their writing, research and literary scholarship.
    2. Program graduates will be able to use a variety of theoretical and critical approaches in, and articulate their importance for, literary and language analysis.
    3. Program graduates will be able to demonstrate mastery of the writing process in original scholarly work.
    4. Program graduates will be able to conduct interdisciplinary research in literature and language as well as related areas using a broad selection of materials from different media.
    5. Program graduates will be able to identify current trends in the study of language and literature and discuss the significance of those trends to their particular field of study.
    6. Program graduates will be able to demonstrate appropriate familiarity with the literature inside and outside of the canon and their impact(s) on such factors as social values, economics, culture, religion, historical events, gender, and politics.