Career Opportunities

A Growing Demand for Qualified Church-Based Counselors

The Master of Arts in Counseling Ministry at California Baptist University prepares students to assume and define an emerging and increasingly essential role within congregations, churches and a wide range of religious settings across all faiths. CBU's MA in Counseling Ministry comes with a high level of credibility recognized and respected by a growing number of churches and religious organizations throughout the region and beyond. Individuals who complete the program use their training to achieve a range of professional, personal and spiritual goals.

Counseling within the Church

Increasing numbers of churches are recognizing the need for well-run counseling ministry programs to provide relational and pastoral counseling in an official and professional capacity, in a ministerial capacity, or in a volunteer capacity. CBU's MA in Counseling Ministry prepares graduates with the knowledge, skills and formal training to work within established programs or take the lead in establishing, directing or coordinating such programs.

Supplementing Your Private Practice

Licensed marriage and family therapists with existing private practices may choose to pursue the MA in Counseling Ministry as a specialized addition to their practice and counseling expertise, and as a means to extend their counseling services to their congregations.

To learn more about the many rewarding professional and spiritual opportunities that come with the MA in Counseling Ministry, please attend an upcoming Graduate Program Information Session.