Past Trips

Whether it's your first time out of the country or you're a seasoned traveler, you will enjoy the true MBA global management experience with your student cohort and experienced faculty. Our trips have consisted of cultural excursions throughout two exciting cities located in the country targeted during the specific graduate program schedule. Highlighted by up to six various organizational visits, which include MBA constructs such as marketing, healthcare, finance and much more. During these visits, students were exposed to management level conversations and participation into deep dive presentations by student groups. The trips were accented by a local cooking class where chefs accommodated each student's desire to learn a local dish. Meals, hotels and local chaperones completed the details in this truly global experience that all MBA students should be exposed to in our current global business environment.




About Rio de Janeiro

Host of the 2016 Summer Olympics, this seaside city has undergone a recent urban renovation with a focus on sustainability and revitalization. The landmark beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema futbol, volleyball, surfing, sunbathing, and people-watching, of course. Christ the Redeemer overlooks this vibrant city, which is known for its samba and magnificent tropical landscapes.

Tour of Rio de Janeiro

Our tour started early in the morning. After crossing Rebouças Tunnel we reached Cosme Velho residential district from where we boarded a cogwheel train which took us up the 710 meters to the statue of Christ. The 20-minute ride gave us just enough time to prepare ourselves mentally for what was waiting at the top. In the meantime, we enjoyed the lush scenery and took in some of that fresh mountain air of the Tijuca Forest. 

Finally, at the top of several flights of steps we were beneath the almost 40-meter tall statue of Christ with the whole of Rio at our feet. The spectacle was truly incredible. Sugar Loaf, in the Urca district, is ten minutes from Copacabana. The cable car trip was in two stages: The first went to Urca Hill, 220 meters high, and then a short walk to the other side led us to the second station for the next part of the ride, up to the top of Sugar Loaf itself. The top of Sugar Loaf, 396 meters high, has been landscaped and includes several pathways and a bar. It can be visited in less than two hours. After Sugar Loaf, we enjoyed a tour of the center of Rio and saw all the major monuments in the city–entrance to Sugar Loaf and Corcovado were included.





  • “[The experience] helped dig deeper into international business through presentations on marketing, technology, finance, and economy.”
  • “I plan to consider everything I learned while in Brazil while in the classroom. My perspective of international business has shifted, and I am curious to see how this new perspective effects my learning experience in the US.”
  • “I realize that much research analysis goes into expanding globally or simply within your community. The companies visited made sure to do their research in order to understand their target market.”
  • “This experience opened my eyes to the way other countries conduct business. I learned precisely what it means to be adaptable while abroad.”
  • “This was one of the best parts of my MBA journey so far.”
  • “The trip provided a wide variety of things to do and see. The company visits showed the impact the way businesses have to plan and grow a business in a tough market with lots of regulations. It was impressive to here some of the strengths and challenges the companies have gone through. I really enjoyed the guided tour to the key areas to go in Brazil (Christ the Redeemer and Sugar Loaf Mountain) having the opportunity to see those areas was incredible. The meals of the trip give great options and taking a cooking class, showed appreciation to the culture. The group of students on this trip connected well and supported each other. Brazil was awesome!”





Japan 2019


About Japan

From the time we landed in Tokyo up to our departure from Osaka, students experienced towers to temples, a three-course traditional cooking class, company visits where groups of students were able to share their MBA skills with Amway corporations, and enough of the Japanese language to use in their cultural/shopping adventures. Our timing was a challenge as we experienced just missing a typhoon (common in Japan) as we entered the country and another one as we returned back to CBU.




  • “I want to return to Japan and experience more it has to offer in the business fields.”
  • “[The trip] made me see business culture in a different setting other than the US.”
  • “[The trip] really put in to perspective the difference in economics of places other than the U.S.”
  • “[The trip] was an unforgettable experience that made me want to return. Thank you for making it possible.”
  • “How friendly and amazing the people of Japan were. I had great interactions with my guides and spent a while talking with them.”





Germany 2019


About Germany

History and innovation flourished on this global trip. Students were introduced to Holocaust artifacts and information as well as Berlin wall activities and pictures. The impression of a unique rock-n-roll hotel was equaled by the futuristic offerings of the Volkswagen Innovation Center. All three cities (Frankfurt, Cologne and Berlin) held special memories for all involved, but the cooking class in Cologne held our appetites.




  • “[In the future, I would like to] bring my cultural awareness knowledge into the workplace.”
  • “[I learned that] the opportunities are more broad than I originally thought. I need to stay open-minded to what God might have next for me.”
  • “Thanks for integrating this trip into the program! Very valuable.”
  • “I am very grateful for having the opportunity to have a pre-planned trip to Germany. Experiencing the culture was a treasure and I enjoyed all the people I met.”