International Internships

The Dr. Robert K. Jabs School of Business graduate program is committed to providing students with opportunities to bridge academic concepts with real-world experiences. Graduate students in the MBA program have the opportunity to participate in a global internships.

Graduate students have interned at companies including:

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Student Internship Highlights


"I am now confident in my work. I can also share my opinion when I don’t think stuff is going right. I believe that I have achieved confidence in myself which I felt was low in the beginning. I am feeling blessed because I got this opportunity to share my knowledge and also got to learn many lessons of life." 
— Pooja Chanchad

Country: Singapore
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"My success in this internship was putting myself out there and making a good impression while maintaining a good reputation so I could witness those high-level, multi-million dollar decisions being discussed. This really opened my eyes to the value of expert knowledge in niche subjects. RADII gave me a unique opportunity to witness executives processing and strategizing how they will penetrate the Chinese millennial market. I would not have the opportunity otherwise. RADII is a media company, so the editorial team had many suggestions for edits, which greatly improved my knowledge of how to draw attention on a PowerPoint. [During this internship], I was able to participate in many of the meetings."
— Troy Schmidt

Country: Japan
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