Master of Business Administration

Designed for the working adult, MBA classes are scheduled to allow students to pursue their careers while attaining their educational goals. Students build a valuable business network with senior full-time faculty, alumni and peers through in-class interactions, team projects, guest lectures and other events.

Program Length
1-2 Years
Program Cost
Program Accreditations

Why our program?

Centered on entrepreneurial, global and biblical perspectives, the Jabs MBA prepares students to reach their professional and personal goals. Providing depth of knowledge in finance, strategy and organizational leadership, the program integrates the gap between theory and application to produce graduates of both character and competence. This program is widely recognized and respected by the region’s business community.

Taught from a Christian perspective, the Jabs MBA prepares candidates to leave the program with improved ethical decision making skills, competent leadership foresight and management ability that transfers immediately to their working situations.

The Jabs School of Business offers three MBA concentrations that prepare the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs:

Student Learning Outcomes

MBA Program Goal:  Integrate biblical principles in organizational decision-making that effectively executes a strategic plan while efficiently directing resources.

  • MBA Student Learning Objectives:

    1. Integrate biblical principles in organizational decision-making.
    2. Execute a strategic plan.
    3. Assess the impact of organizational decisions.
    4. Design processes that align with the organizational goals.
    5. Direct resources effectively and efficiently.

The CBU MBA Schedule Options

CBU Daytime MBA

CBU's Daytime Accelerated MBA Program with a Management Concentration, takes one year to complete and is exclusively designed for young professionals. Ideal candidates are those who want to gain practical experience while enrolled in a fast paced faith-based business program. This unique MBA format gives students the opportunity to apply for a paid internship program while they work on their degree. Students meet during the day, twice a week and have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a real working business environment the next day. Each student will have a designated mentor to coach them as the progress through the program. Graduates become more marketable to employers seeking professionals that have real experience on their resumes and the relevant education to back it up.

CBU Evening MBA

CBU's Evening MBA Program can take as little as one year to complete and is designed for the working professional. Ideal candidates are those who want to grow in their industries or pursue other entrepreneurial careers. The Evening MBA gives students from all stages in their careers the opportunity to learn practical business experience that can be applied in a wide variety of business and organizations. Classes meet Tuesday and Thursday evenings

For more information about CBU's MBA programs, contact Graduate Admissions at 1-877-228-8877 or visit the pages and resources on the right side of the page.

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