Leadership Studies Minor

Upper Division Requirements

LDR310 Leadership Theory

The purpose of this course is to equip students with skills necessary for successful leadership in public, private, and non-governmental organizations. Emphasis is on assessment of personal growth needs and enhancement of administrative skills including communication, decision-making, motivation, leadership styles, and team building. Experimental class work will be utilized in conjunction with classic and current organizational literature so that students can appreciate the bridge linking theory and practice. Students completing this course for credit may not also earn credit for BUS 435. (3 units; As offered & OPS)

LDR330 Personal Leadership

This course introduces the student to the concepts of personal leadership and helps identifies the skills and strategies that the student may employ to effectively lead. (3 units; Fall & OPS)

Upper Division Elective Requirements

Complete 12 upper division units from the following:

LDR350 Commnctn Prncpls for Ldrshp

This course provides an analysis of the principles of communication in the workplace. Students will learn basic communication theories, strategies, and processes as they relate to the modern organizational structure. We will be examining the nature and process of communication in modern organizations, including pragmatic implications of organizational communication theories as they relate to understanding organizations, and implementing change strategies. The course will also compare contemporary principles of leadership with the contemporary literature on communications. (3 units; Fall, even years, & OPS)

Davis, Bryan
08/24/2020 MWF 8:15 AM - 9:15 AM CBU Virtual SYNC

LDR410 Ethcl and BiblclPrncpls fr Ldshp

This course evaluates the principles for practicing ethical judgments and behavior that confront those in leadership positions. Students will evaluate various ethical frameworks and survey the Bible to explore and develop principles and habits for Biblically-based leadership practices. The course will also compare Biblical principles of leadership with the contemporary literature on leadership and ethics. (3 units; Fall, odd years, & OPS)

LDR430 Decision Making and Leadership

This course explores various biases, common heuristics, and social dynamics that often lead to faulty decisions and evaluates strategies and tactics to safe guard the decision making process so as to enhance the probability of implementing good decisions. Students will also study the creative process and models for making wise decisions that optimize personal and collective outcomes. (3 units; Spring, even years, & OPS)

LDR450 Culture and Leadership

This course deepens the student's understanding of principles of collaboration, modeling positive behavior, and mentorship in relation to diverse groups, communities, and individuals. Students will evaluate various effective strategies for fostering and nurturing diversity best practices. The course will also have students appreciate the differences of individuals and how to capitalize on those differences as strengths. (3 units; Spring, odd years, & OPS)

LDR470 Group and Leadership

Effective groups and teams are critical in modern organizations, yet there are often dysfunctional dynamics and processes within the group. This course will provide the student with fundamental concepts relating to group dynamics, group decision making, and interpersonal conflict. Special attention will be paid to diversity in this class. Students will gain a better understanding of dynamics of group interaction in professional and social settings. Understanding the dynamics of small group interaction and having an understanding of some of the techniques for solving conflict and improving communication toward future benefits. This course will provide the platform necessary for the student to engage in accurate communication of ideas which can influence other behavior. (3 units; Fall, even years, & OPS)

Weniger, Marc
08/24/2020 MWF 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM CBU Virtual SYNC


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