Leadership for Faith-Based Schools

This hybrid, far reaching and convenient delivery, master’s specialization in Educational Leadership for Faith-Based Schools targets what you can and should be doing as a spiritual, educational, and institutional leader. It looks through the eyes and heart of Jesus and focuses on truly Christ-centered school practices. You invest your time and effort in fellowship with like-minded and Spirited students, professors, and curricula preparing you for a future in Christian education.

Program Length
2 1/3 Years
Program Cost
Program Accreditations

Why our program?

This is a uniquely Christian schools focused program, 16 years running with over 130 graduates and present candidates serving all over the U.S. and the world. The professors are all doctoral level with long personal experience in Christian school leadership on many differing levels.

  • Letter from the Director
    Have you ever wished that you could find a graduate program that specifically targets what you can be doing as a spiritual, educational and institutional leader in faith-based schools? Are you seeking a program that aims to look through the eyes and heart of Jesus and focuses on truly spiritual Christian schooling? Do you have a desire to invest your time in fellowship with like-minded and spiritually-guided students and professors?

    The Masters of Science in Education program with a specialization in Educational Leadership for Faith-Based Institutions fulfills each of these desires as it prepares students for a future in faith-based education.

    The program schedule is a mixture of intense, summer on-site courses combined with distance learning courses during fall and spring semesters. The program's distance learning component leverages the latest technologies, such as group web video displays and presentations with simultaneous group interactive audio, and asynchronous Web sharing and evaluation of work and products within your group, to ensure a high quality educational experience.

    The camaraderie between students, faith-focused curriculum, experienced professors, and fellowship with the Holy Spirit make participation in this program a unique experience. 

    Please feel free to peruse this site for more information and testimonials from program graduates as well as endorsements from Dr. Paul A. Kienel, President Emeritus, Association of Christian Schools International and Jerry Haddock, former Southern California ACSI Regional Director. Please prayerfully consider what you read and see and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

    Faithfully and humbly yours in the Lord,

    Dr. Jim Heyman
    Program Director: Master of Science in Education, Educational Leadership for Faith-Based Schools


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