"This Master's program has been life changing for me as a Christian school administrator. I am being empowered to lead and equip others as I take what I'm learning and apply it daily at my job. This program lines up perfectly with the mission of ACSI and the need to instill a Christian World View in the lives of young people; Dr. Heyman is a mentor in this field!"

Angie Colclasure, 1st cohort, ACSI District Representative, Former Superintendent, Pacific Harbor Christian School, Wilmington, CA

"I have found this course of study to be extremely relevant to our Christian school education movement. We are being challenged in our classes to immerse our minds academically and spiritually so we can better equip ourselves and teachers to raise up our students to think and respond to our society in an intelligent Christian manner. I have been blessed by the encouragement and care given me by the staff at Cal Baptist."

Des Starr, 2nd cohort, Superintendent, Calvary Chapel Christian School, Murrieta, CA

"This program is equipping me with a Biblical worldview and a better understanding of the high calling and purpose of Christian education."

Robyn Carpenter, 1st cohort, English Teacher, Sonrise Christian, Covina, CA

"Participating in this program has made a tremendous impact on my professional career. The classes have provided practical, relevant principles that I can implement immediately as I progress in the training. The spiritual integration has enriched my personal walk with the Lord as well as raised the standard for my professional integration of Biblical truth. I have appreciated and benefited from this program and am thankful for those who have the vision and passion for the pursuit of excellence in the field of faith based leadership."

Bonnie Fleming, 1st cohort, Principal, Baptist Christian School, Hemet, CA

"This master's program for Educational Leadership in Faith-based Schools at CBU is proving to be extremely valuable. Working together with other Christian school administrators, implementing educational research, and discovering new ways to infuse God's Truth into my school has been both inspiring and practical."

Judy Pickens, 1st cohort, Principal, Gardena Valley Christian School, Gardena, CA

"CBU's program has been life changing! The anointing and power of the Holy Spirit is evident in our texts, discussions and camaraderie. The application and comparison of both secular and faith based texts makes this program unique in equipping us to know the times and to know what to do. The staff and professors are exceptionally caring and supportive!"

Merlynne Perez, 1st cohort, Principal, PHCS, Wilmington, CA

"I could cite so many examples of how this educational cohort has been transformational in my life, and those who know me best (my family, fellow teachers, and even students) have frequently noted it. For brevities sake, I will focus on this one thought. Never before have I been part of any undertaking that has come so close to realizing that great mandate of the apostle Paul to "take captive every thought in obedience to Christ." In the process, I have learned much more fully what it means to embrace three passions: love for the Lord, love of learning itself, and love for my students and those I serve with. What has been truly amazing is to see how this same process has been happening in each member of our cohort as we have struggled together to apply this to our calling as teachers and leaders in the sphere of education. The result is that I can say, in truth and humility, that I am much better equipped to serve and lead as a teacher and administrator in my Christian School!"

Jason Clapero, 8th cohort, (started program as head high school teacher; now high school principal designate), Pusch Ridge Christian Academy, Tucson, AZ

"Christian Educators know that there is a dramatic foundational difference between tax-supported public schools and private Christian schools. This program has been specifically developed to prepare students for the unique challenge of being in a Christian school setting. I was challenged spiritually, intellectually, and academically to consider what Biblical education is and is not according to God's Word. I highly recommend this degree program- it is extremely relevant to today's Christian school movement!Christian Educators know that there is a dramatic foundational difference between tax-supported public schools and private Christian schools. This program has been specifically developed to prepare students for the unique challenge of being in a Christian school setting. I was challenged spiritually, intellectually, and academically to consider what Biblical education is and is not according to God's Word. I highly recommend this degree program - it is extremely relevant to today's Christian school movement!"

Eric Garland, 8th cohort, school head, Flagstaff Community Christian School, AZ

"I wanted to take a moment to let you know what a blessing you and the program have been to me over the last two years. I had many of my teachers and parents share with me that they could feel my recommitment to doing Christian education the way the Lord would have us to do it for Him. I personally knew in my heart that my target wasn't always clear. I loved God and I loved the kids, but struggled trying to be everything to everyone. You have helped me to see that God desires to guide our little Christian school and I need to do my best to tune my ear and heart to Him. Your passion and encouragement to teach to the Spirit of a person has change my approach. I feel the Spirit teaching me, and you have encouraged me to not settle for anything less. Thank you for helping me to service God and the children that He loves."

Brenda Sniff, 7th cohort, principal, Bonita Road Christian School, Chula Vista, CA

"This master’s program has been an answer to prayer. I was seeking a program that would help me advance in my professional career, but more importantly, one what would specifically meet my needs as a Christian school administrator. This program has provided me with a better understanding of the role and unique responsibilities of a Christian school leader. The classes have provided me practical principles and biblical truths that I have been able to implement as I strive to do His will in His school. One of the greatest gifts that I have received through this program is that it has challenged me to grow spiritually as it has sharpen me to be better prepared to lead distinctively differently in one of His schools.

Beth Young, 8th cohort, now assistant superintendent and elementary principal, Christian School of the Desert, Bermuda Dunes, CA

"Thank you for teaching me, through the humble guidance of the Holy Spirit, how to wholly submit myself to His direction on a daily basis. I have a complete understanding that education and truth cannot exist in two separate boxes. They are one in the same. This has been a life-changing experience for me."

Tobin Wilkins, 9th cohort, K-12 principal, Christian Unified, San Diego, CA

"God bless this program for its willingness to invest and impart the Father's heart to Christian school leaders! What I have gleaned is eternal. Thank you for being used mightily by the Holy Spirit to speak much revelation into my heart and life. The teachings and studies have been used by the Lord to help me be better at what He has called me to do. As a result the parents, teachers, and students also benefit from the wealth of wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and discernment He has given me to walk in."

Jalon Lies, 9th cohort, principal, Cape Christian School, Jackson, MO

"If you are an educator that desires to gain a perspective that is Biblically based and Christ-centered, then the California Baptist University, Masters of Science in Educational Leadership of Faith Based Institutions is a program to highly consider. While learning the essential elements of becoming a godly and effective educational leader, you will be mentored and lead by professors that are experienced, dedicated, and nurturing. This program has taught me to consider God’s Word and His will while leading our school in every detail. It also has instilled in me the importance of caring for the students, families, and teachers Christ Jesus the Lord has placed under my care. This program emphasizes the fact that a Christian school is to function as a ministry."

Pastor Ed Arcalas, MSEd, 11th cohort, administrative pastor / head of school, Calvary Chapel Christian School, Honolulu, Hawaii

"This master’s program transformed my ministry. I entered the cohort as a pastor with 25 years of ministry experience, yet still skeptical of Christian education. I viewed it as nothing more than a nice alternative for families. I appreciate the fact that over the course of two years, I was allowed to openly discuss my concerns, points of contention, and perceived shortcomings in Christian education. Every challenge I raised was addressed with a humble spirit by the professors. They responded with truth that opened my eyes to the reality of the battle that is taking place for the hearts and minds of every student, within the academic world. The courses challenged me academically while at the same time strengthening me spiritually. Completing the coursework deepened my passion for Christian Education and equipped me to be a much more effective pastor/educator."

Chuck Rheam, 11th cohort, pastor/junior high vice principal, Bonita Christian Schools