Final Information Faq

Q: What is financial aid?

A: Financial aid is any funding a student receives through grants, scholarships, work-study and loans to assist in paying for college tuition and costs.

Q: Am I eligible for financial aid as a pre-nursing graduate student?

A: Graduate Pre-Nursing students are eligible to utilize any remaining undergraduate aid. When you are accepted to Graduate Pre-Nursing, we will connect you with a Financial Aid Advisor who can provide more specific details. Visit for more information.

Q: How do I apply for financial aid?

A: You must submit a FAFSA (Free Application for federal Student Aid) online to the Department of Education for the appropriate academic year.

Q: What if I need assistance completing the FAFSA?

A: For guidelines and tips on completing the FAFSA, please visit

Q: What is your school code for FAFSA?

A: Our school code is 001125

Q: Can I receive state grants as a graduate student?

A: Most graduate students are not eligible for state grants. In some cases students may qualify if they are already receiving Cal Grants as an undergraduate student.

Q: Do you offer scholarships to graduate students?

A: Scholarships are not offered through CBU; however you can research scholarship options for graduate nursing students. You may also speak with a financial aid counselor for other options.

Q: How many units do I have to take to get financial aid?

A: Federal loans are offered to graduate students who are enrolled in a minimum of five (5) units (part time status); enrollment in nine (9) units is considered full-time. Your financial aid award amount is in part based on the number of units you are enrolled in.

Q: Can I speak with someone in the Financial Aid Office?

A: Once you apply to the program, file your FAFSA and check the CBU financial aid website for tips, you can contact the Financial Aid Office for further assistance.

Q: When will I know how much financial aid I can receive?
A: You will receive an offer of financial aid once you register for classes and CBU receives an electronic copy of your FAFSA.

Q: Are student loans income or credit based?

A: No, your award amount is based on need as determined by the results of your FAFSA. Other loans (i.e. the grad plus loan) may have different award criteria.