Career Descriptions

What career opportunities does this degree prepare you for?

What can you do with an ECS degree from CBU? Students interested in K-12 teaching can apply to the credential program. Those interested in teaching Pre-K Special Day Classes or working with disabled or developmentally delayed children, 0- 8 years old, may focus on obtaining an Early Childhood Education Specialist credential. 

The EC Studies major provides a solid foundation in developmental theory preparing the student for teaching, however, many early childhood studies majors are aware of only a few of their career options. There are many more positions than one might realize that are available to an early education professional. Below are a few positions that show the range of options you have. Remember to network when looking for careers in this field. Every person or association you join is another contact you have. 

Child Care Liaison 

Job Purpose: The job of a Child Care Liaison is to provide resources to site staff and providers, provide child care referrals and parenting information and/or eligibility information/enrollment in compliance with county, state and/or federal requirements; provide information on services available to children and families conveying information regarding county office activities and procedures; and refer families to other agencies.

Child Life Specialist 

Job Purpose: The job of a Child Life Specialist is to provide direct and consultative services to children and families in a hospital setting. Child Life programming is based on an understanding of normal human development and the impact that illness, injury, disability, and hospitalization have on this process. Child Life is an integral component of the multidisciplinary team treating the "whole child" with proactive and preventive intervention.

Director-Child Education & Development Services 

Job Purpose: Director-Child Education and Development Services is designed for the purpose(s) of: planning, organizing, staffing, coordinating, implementing policy, directing, reporting, and conducting overall management and operation of the Child Education and Development Services Division. This is done by supporting the four conceptualized program cornerstones in the Head Start/Early Start program: child development, family development, community building and staff development.


Job Purpose: The job of Preschool Director is designed for the purpose(s) of: advocating for the needs of young children and families; developing strong communication lines between faculty, staff and parents; supporting and encouraging faculty to pursue their own professional development opportunities and modeling professionalism in all areas as mentor, colleague, and supervisor. 

Early Childhood Education Center Manager 

Job Purpose: The job of Center Manager at a community college is designed for the purpose(s) of: supervising the Early Childhood Education Center and ensures quality programming for children, adult students in teacher training, and students in other disciplines; working collaboratively with the Early Childhood Education faculty to ensure smooth integration of Early Childhood course content into center practices and application; joining Early Childhood Education faculty in overseeing and coordinating experiences of adult students in the center, providing a model teaching environment that is developmentally appropriate, culturally sensitive, non-biased, inclusive, and individually responsive; initiating and performs strategic planning, annual program evaluation, marketing, research and advocacy for the center; developing and monitoring annual budget, business plan, generates resources through grant writing and/or program proposals; supervising and evaluating the performance of assigned personnel, plans, coordinates and conducts staff meetings and in-service training, oversees development of daily lesson plans; supervising the assessment of the child's relationship to and progress in the center program and communicates results to parents, staff, and faculty as appropriate; demonstrating leadership in supporting and promoting early intervention, family centered services, emerging curriculum models consistent with NAEYC guidelines.

Early Childhood Family Development Specialist 

Job Purpose: The job of Family Specialist is designed for the purpose(s) of: curriculum planning, family goals development, and implementation of the Early Head Start program with a caseload of infants/toddlers and their families; providing direct service to identified EHS families including children with disabilities through home visits and organized group meetings; building nurturing relationships with families and assisting family members with personal growth and development by identifying strengths and needs and implementing a development service plan to meet those goals; promoting language, cognitive, social, emotional and physical development of children and providing one on one visit in home each week.

Early Intervention Specialist 

Job Purpose: The job of Early Intervention Specialist is designed for the purpose(s) of: creating, implementing and adapting activities for language, cognition, fine and gross motor, sensory processing, self-help, and social emotional development for each child to support their Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP); collaborating with parents, supporting and reinforcing their efforts to maximize their child's potential; working as a trans-disciplinary team with all professionals involved with each individual child; scheduling and administering appropriate and valid developmental assessments.

Early Childhood Program Development Specialist 

Job Purpose: The job of Program Development Specialist, Child Development is designed for the purpose(s) of: monitoring and technical assistance of facilitating Child Development Programs; student success in academic and interpersonal skills through county approved curriculum; and monitoring of multiple sites.

Early Childhood Quality Management Specialist 

Job Purpose: The job of Quality Management Specialists designed for the purpose(s) of: monitoring ongoing compliance with NAEYC's accreditation criteria; handling formal complaints against NAEYC-accredited programs, requests for extension of accreditation, other aspects of maintaining compliance with NAEYC accreditation and participating in verification review groups; communicating with state licensing agencies and legal counsel regarding complaints received and supporting Quality Management Coordinators in their review and processing of annual reports.

Early Intervention Program Autism Team Supervisor 

Job Purpose: The job of Early Intervention Program Autism Team Supervisor is designed for the purpose(s) of: providing some direct service, and overseeing a team of therapists; utilizing a variety of approaches to fit the unique need of each child including TEACCH, PECS, Floortime, etc.

Education Specialist, Head Start 

Job Purpose: The job of Education Specialist, Head Start is designed for the purpose(s) of: ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations related to education services, conducting site visits and classroom checklists, providing individualized training and coaching to teaching staff and parents; ensuring implementation of district-adopted curriculum; and developing and providing workshops for instructional staff and parents.

Site Supervisor Early Childhood Education Program Division of Children and Family Services

Job Purpose: The job of Site Supervisor is designed for the purpose(s) of: utilizing proper child development education practices and techniques to assist with the physical and emotional well-being of children; planning and ensuring the care, instruction and supervision of children enrolled in the Early Childhood Education Programs such as Head Start/State Preschool programs; organizing day-to-day operation of multiple site centers; assisting other personnel as may be required for the purpose of supporting them in the completion of documenting activities, providing written reference and /or conveying information.