1. Is this program accredited?
The Doctor of Nursing Practice program at California Baptist University is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (http://www.ccneaccreditation.org). 

2. Can I work while I am in the program? 
Most of the systems leadership DNP students remain in their highly demanding jobs while they are in the program. However, the program is rigorous and requires at least 20 hours of study/work per week and therefore, applicants are urged to reduce any non-essential activities for the duration of the two-year program.

3. Can I take one class at a time? 
No, the coursework is structured to be taken with the same cohort of students throughout the program. In addition, the DNP project serves as the mechanism used for the majority of the coursework assignment completion.

4. Is there an online option and will I have to come to campus for classes? 
The students meet face to face on campus once a month, while the rest of the class activities are online.

5. How long does the program take to complete? 
This program is 2 years (6 terms) part-time.

6. What is the main goal of the program?
The systems leadership DNP prepares one to lead a system-wide change including the development, planning, implementation and evaluation of the change and its outcomes. Systems leadership DNP graduates are well-prepared to assume major leadership roles in all types of health care and educational organizations.

7. What does the DNP project entail?
The DNP project begins with the identification of a problem at an organization/institution. Students will learn how to plan for, implement and evaluate the project while in the program.

8. Can I contact someone to discuss my proposed project prior to applying?
Students may contact Dr. Lisa Bursch, DNP program director at lbursch@calbaptist.edu or 951-343-4940.