About The Program

In response to disciplinary and other national recommendations and a professionally mandated entry into advanced practice the CBU College of Nursing has established the DNP program. The DNP program is designed as an interdisciplinary, indirect care, practice-focused, master of science in nursing (MSN) to DNP program which prepares graduates to function in an independent leadership role in the development of community based, interprofessional, and collaborative solutions to the problems facing underserved and vulnerable populations globally, as well as meet the need for more doctorally prepared nurses. 
The DNP is preparing for the expanding role functions and needs of future advanced nursing practice and the national guidelines for entry level for advanced practice to be at the doctoral level by 2015. Transforming health care delivery recognizes the critical need for clinicians to design, evaluate, and continuously improve the context within which care is delivered. Nurses prepared at the doctoral level with a blend of clinical, organizational, economic, and leadership skills will be able to significantly impact health care outcomes.
The DNP in Systems Leadership is for students who wish to:
  • Implement and lead change at a systems level in order to influence health care outcomes.
  • Apply leadership and ethical principles to complex healthcare environments involving inter and intra professional teams.
  • Integrate evidence that supports a practice change initiative and outcomes evaluation.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of systems/organizational change.