Bachelor of Science in International Business

The United States is one of the top countries for international trade, exporting and importing trillions of dollars of merchandise and services each year. As domestic companies grapple with how to compete in a global arena, demand for professionals who know how to source and sell globally will only increase. CBU’s international business major equips students who plan to work abroad or stay in the U.S. to work effectively with others from different cultures.

The program exposes students to major international business issues, including international trade, cultures, economics, marketing, and communication issues of multinational corporations. Furthermore, it challenges students to approach these issues from different perspectives and to respect and interact with other cultures and ideas. Students apply theories, so that they not only know how to start a new business venture or understand business customs in another country, but experience it, too.

Why CBU?

  1. CBU offers one of the only international business majors at a private Christian institution in Southern California.
  2. CBU has partnered with employers to develop internships for students to gain valuable international business experience. The faculty has also worked with employers to develop a curriculum that meets employer needs and expectations to better prepare students to fill current jobs.
  3. CBU’s international business major prepares students to become a certified global business professional.

Career Opportunities

  1. International trade compliance manager 
  2. International trade compliance officer
  3. Import/export analyst
  4. Customs compliance specialist
  5. Trade specialist
  6. International marketing manager
  7. Consultant foreign exchange trader
  8. International entrepreneur
  9. Recruitment consultant