Lab Fees

Effective Fall 2018

All aviation lab fees are nonrefundable. Exceptions to this include students who drop a lab by the “Last Day to Drop a Class with Refund” date. Expended funds for flight training already completed will not be refunded.

No additional payments will be required in an aviation lab beyond the published lab fee (CBU flight stage checks and FAA checkrides are now included in the lab fee). Exceptions to this include books, materials, and supplies, as well as FAA medical examiner fees that may be required. Students will need to budget for these expenses in addition to published lab fees.

Students will not be billed on an hourly basis for labs.

Students will fly the number of hours required to meet each flight lab’s student learning outcomes up to the number of flight hours specified for each flight lab as time permits during that semester. If a student meets a flight lab student learning outcome prior to flying the number of hours allocated for that lab, the student may continue to participate in time building hours up to the maximum number of hours for the class as time permits during that semester. Priority for scheduling flight time is for hours leading to certification. It is at the discretion of the chief flight instructor as to whether time building hours will be in the aircraft, simulator, dual, solo, or a combination thereof, based upon verified student need. These hours are only valid for that same semester and may not be carried over to the following semester.

Students will have the entire semester to complete the flight lab in which they are enrolled. If the student learning outcomes for the flight lab are not achieved by the end of semester due to reasons beyond the student’s control (weather, aircraft maintenance, etc.), an incomplete (I) will be issued, allowing the student no more than six additional weeks to complete the lab. If a student does not meet the student learning outcomes for the lab in which they are enrolled by the end of the semester or within the six week incomplete period, the student will receive an “F” in the lab. The student will then have the option to enroll in the lab again and pay the requisite lab fee, or change their major.

Time building labs will not be used for completion of a certificate or rating. Time building labs are only intended for building solo flight time. Each time building lab will provide 10 hours of solo flight time.

Students will not be authorized to begin a flight lab after the “Last Day to Add a Class for Credit” date. If a student completes a flight lab after the “Last Day to Add a Class for Credit” date, the student will be required to wait until the next semester to continue flight training. Students may, at their discretion, enroll in a time-building lab after the “Last Day to Add a Class for Credit.”

Flight hours reflect an appropriate mix of dual flight hours and solo flight hours, as well as simulator time. Students will also be provided ground instruction as appropriate.


Aviation Management Major

Required Labs

Course Number Course Title Lab Fee
FLT 116 Private Pilot Ground $150
FLT 117 Private Pilot Lab I $6,000
FLT 118 Private Pilot Lab II $6,800
FLT 119 Instrument Pilot Ground $150
FLT 120 Instrument Flight Lab $12,000
UAS 215 UAS Flight Simulation Lab $125
FLT 311 Commercial Pilot Ground $150
FLT 312 Commercial Flight Lab I $7,640
FLT 313 Commercial Flight Lab II $16,160
FLT 314 Commercial Flight Lab III $6,650
UAS 315 UAS Design and Applications $1,500
UAS 415 UAS Operations and Mission Planning $1,300
  TOTAL  $58,625

NOTE: All students progress at different rates. The goal is for students to complete all FAA certificates and ratings required of the chosen concentration in the aviation flight major. The university reserves the right, with or without notice, to change aviation lab fees when necessary.