Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate proficiency in performance and theoretical musical skills that will enable them to be successful musicians.
  2. Students will demonstrate a grasp of historical/cultural perspectives on the world of music.
  3. Students will develop critical thinking about music (i.e. analysis, critical listening, and performance evaluation.)
  4. Students will exemplify professional excellence in their areas of focus (i.e. education, performance, composition) that will make them attractive to employers in the sacred/secular market place.


Composition students will create music for various genres, for a wide variety of performing forces, demonstrating mastery of metrical, timbral, and melodic elements within a variety of harmonic systems.

Instrumental Performance

Instrumental performance students will demonstrate mastery of the required repertoire, including excellence in tone production, intonation, rhythm, technique, musical interpretation and style.

Keyboard Accompanying 

Keyboard accompanying students will demonstrate excellence in keyboard collaboration in the areas of ensemble playing, chiefly accompanying the standard repertoire of song, sonata, large ensemble (vocal and instrumental) and chamber music. Students will exemplify proficiency in art music, collaborative ensembles, popular music improvisation and harmonization.

Music Education

Music education students will demonstrate competency in singing and playing a variety of instruments and gain the expertise (pedagogy, planning, and the assessment of learning) necessary for acceptance to a teacher credential program and to be successful music teachers.

Piano Performance

Piano performance students will demonstrate proficiency in keyboard technique, sight-reading, and repertoire utilizing keyboard music representative of various stylistic periods with attention to period performance practice.

Vocal Performance

Vocal performance students will demonstrate the required level of mastery of the multiple skills of pitch, rhythm, vocal technique, proper diction in multiple languages, and the ability to prepare performance material independently.