California Baptist University’s public relations program has five different concentrations, offering students the ability to specialize in the field they would like to work in post-graduation.


Integrated Marketing Communication

Students who enroll in the integrated marketing communication concentration will study the marketing functions, channels of distribution, selling, advertising, distribution, and marketing management for both retail and industrial businesses as well as advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, personal selling, public relations, customer segmentation and selection, branding, and building customer relationships.


International Public Relations

The international public relations concentration will equip students with the understanding of practicing public relations in a global setting and prepare them to work in public relations both domestically as well as internationally. In this concentration, students will learn the practical applications of various theories regarding cultural identity, research and planning campaigns for global audiences.


Media Relations and Writing

California Baptist University’s media relations and writing concentration in the public relations program will educate students on the importance of PR in media. Students will be taught to gather information, conduct interviews and use online databases in writing and reporting news stories for organizations.


New Media

Students in the new media concentration of CBU’s public relations program will focus on PR in today’s digital age. The coursework will center around video and audio newsgathering as well as the role of social media and its impact on public relations and branding.


Strategic Communication and Planning

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