Anthropology Minor

The anthropology minor requires the completion of 21 units:

Lower Division Requirement

ANT225 Cultural Anthropology

A general survey of Cultural Anthropology from a behavioral, cognitive, and material perspective and viewed as a social science, focuses on cultural factors that affect human behavior, including a brief overview of the four major fields of anthropology. Topics include cultural change, language, family, religious practices, economic subsistence patterns, and political power systems. (3 units; Multicultural; Fall/Spring)

Goodman - Bowling, Julie Marcele
05/06/2019 T 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM BUS 252
Melika, Ash
09/03/2019 MWF 10:45 AM - 11:45 AM TBA
Melika, Ash
09/03/2019 MWF 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Health Science Campus L243
Melika, Ash
09/03/2019 MWF 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM Mission Hall 109
Goodman - Bowling, Julie Marcele
09/03/2019 W 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM BUS 124

Upper Division Requirements

ANT325 Physical Anthro and Archeology

A general survey of Physical Anthropology, including evolutionary theory, the primate fossil record, primatology, human variability, and genetics. The history, methods, and theories of archaeology are also considered - covering all eras of the human past, from prehistoric to modern times.(3 units; Multicultural; Spring)

ANT340 Theory in Anthropology

This course addresses anthropological theory in a historical context and explores how the discipline has developed over time. Theories of culture are the main focus, though archeological, physical, and linguistic anthropological theories are discussed. Approaches to understanding human behavior from cognitive, material, and behavioral approaches are central. Prerequisite: ANT 225 or BEH 100. (3 units; Multicultural; Fall)

Goodman - Bowling, Julie Marcele
09/03/2019 TTh 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM TBA

BEH333 Epistemology and Worldview

This course examines the basic models of integrating the Christian faith and modern behavioral sciences, including the development of Biblical examples of worldview and epistemology. Emphasis is placed upon the student's development of a personal theory of integration. (3 units; Interdisciplinary; Fall/Spring)

Lewis, Nathaniel P
09/03/2019 TTh 12:15 PM - 1:45 PM BUS 124

Upper Division Elective Requirements

Complete nine (9) additional upper division units in anthropology.