What is your purpose? Many go through life without asking this question. Some go to college without a clear sense of purpose. They bounce around between majors, trying to find something they are passionate about…sometimes taking longer than expected to graduate…if they graduate at all. And because they began their college journey without a destination, all too often they bounce around from job to job after graduation without gaining traction along a career path.

But you are not one of those people. Like CBU, you believe that God created you for a purpose. You may not know exactly what that purpose is, but you know it exists, and you know college can help discover and live it.

That is what thousands of students do every day here at CBU. It’s an exciting place with students from across the nation and around the world preparing or advancing in their careers as diverse as serving the public in an administrative capacity, working in the non-profit sector, running a personal business, teaching, Christian ministry and nursing. With over 40 majors and concentrations to choose from, you’re sure to find one that will prepare you for success in your career and, more importantly, your calling.

CBU Online programs were established for the specific purpose of serving the needs of an increasing number of adults and non-traditional students seeking higher education. CBU Online develops degree programs in fully-online and hybrid formats at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels. All programs incorporate a Christian perspective, and a year-round semester system speeds students toward graduation. CBU Online faculty and staff are devoted to assisting you in navigating your academic career, equipping you to achieve your goals and live your purpose.