Tutoring Center

The purpose of the University Tutoring Center (UTC) is to provide additional instruction and academic resources in order to help CBU students succeed in their coursework. As we transition to remote learning delivery, the UTC is supporting students in the following ways:

  1. Remote One-on-one tutoring. Students can make a tutoring appointment for any supported course by signing up via the instructions below.
  2. Students can sign up to email coursework questions to a UTC tutor. Sign up for the Email Tutor Feedback service. Responses will be sent during the scheduled time.
  3. To schedule an appointment:
    1. Click this link: https://cbu.accudemia.net/
    2. Your Student ID Number (user name and passcode to schedule first appointment)
    3. Course code e.g. MAT115, BIO 153
    4. Preferences: tutor, available time, service
  1. For assistance with scheduling appointments, please watch this short and helpful video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2th9aB-Qk-Q
  1. If you require any additional support, please reach out to us at tutoring@calbaptist.edu.

We are here to support you and help you go from the (remote) Classroom to Commencement. Our team is here to empower students to their academic and professional goals. Live Your Purpose!