Makeup Exams

Makeup exams may be taken at the Office of Student Success (OSS) with the professor's permission by setting up an appointment in advance to do so. Test contracts may be obtained at the OSS or by clicking on the link below. Test appointments may be made in person at the OSS or by phone at (951) 343-4349. The $5 fee for makeup exams may be waived when a student's absence is a result of mandatory participation in a university activity (e.g. athletics, music or speech and debate events).

The OSS also provides proctoring services for any CBU faculty needing assistance with exams in their class. Call (951) 343-4775 for more information on this classroom support service.

How to Make Up an Exam

  • The student requests permission to make up an exam from the professor. If the professor approves the student's request, the student obtains a test contract at the OSS located in Lancer Arms 54.
  • The student completes the first section of the test contract form and then delivers the form to the professor.
  • The professor completes the second section of the test contract form, attaches the exam and then delivers the test contract and the exam to the OSS.
  • The student is responsible to follow up with the professor for submission of the form and exam to the OSS.
  • Once the form and exam have been received, the student is required to make an appointment with the OSS, at least 24 hours in advance, to take the exam.
  • After completing the exam, each professor or department secretary is responsible for picking up the completed exam from the OSS.