Faculty Resources

The Office of Student Success provides a number of classroom support services including: make-up exam and proctoring services, supplementary instruction through tutoring, etc. For information on testing services or to request a proctor, please contact Mike Osadchuk at (951) 343-4775. The materials below may also be obtained in the OSS located in Lancer Arms 54.

Test Contract 
This form is used when a student receives permission from their professor to makeup an exam. The student will need to complete the top section of this form while the professor completes the bottom portion. The professor or department secretary will need to attach the exam and submit both items to the OSS in Lancer Arms 54. The professor or department secretary will be responsible for collecting the completed exam from the OSS. It is not the responsibility of the OSS to return exams.

Faculty Referral Form 
If you would like a student to pursue tutoring in a specific area, simply complete a faculty referral form, being as precise as possible so that tutors understand how to direct their efforts in order to maximize the limited appointment time. This form has been created to bridge the gap between the OSS and the faculty and aims to create accountability for students by requiring them to have the faculty referral form stamped by the OSS and returned to you, to confirm that they have indeed met with a tutor. Please complete the Writing Lab faculty referral form below if writing is the primary concern.

Writing Lab Faculty Referral Form 
This form is similar to the faculty referral form above but is to be used when writing is the primary concern.