Program assessment is an annual activity undertaken by all CBU academic programs/majors, the Library, and Student Services.  It is a systematic on-going process to collect evidence suitable for ascertaining to what degree a program/major is meetings its stated student learning outcomes (SLOs).  The focus is on student learning; can students graduating from the program/major demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes identified in the program/major's SLOS?  The collected assessment data and subsequent analysis provide a basis for evaluation, decision making, planning, and budgetings.  In addition, annual assessment is aggregated and included as an important element in the program/major's periodic (usually evey five years) program review. 

Understanding Assessment

Intro to Assessment (PowerPoint)

The Assessment "Flow"

Conceptualizing Assessment

Comparing Program and Classroom Assessment 

Assessment Facts You Need to Know

Assessment Resources

Getting Started: Assessment Checklist

Writing Appropriate SLOs

Rubric for Writing SLOs

Assessment Methods

Analyzing SLO Data

Fall 2013 Assessment Newsletter

WASC Assessment Resources

WASC Evidence Guide


CBU Assessment History (Reports)

University Assessment Reports

Assessment Tracking & Reports

The above LINK opens the University Assessment Portfolio.  This portfolio is a LiveText document containing the current and previous Assessment Reports and numerous other links.